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Shree Impex, Bangalore, Gubbi, Shimogga are manufacturers exporters of eco-friendly Palm Leaf Dinnerware. 3.5" PALM LEAF BOWLS (25 COUNT RETAIL PACK) Shree Dinnerware Holds 75 ml liquid and are perfect for tasting events, small portions, Perfect to serve side dishes, sweets and savories Single panipuri/Golgappa one by one, , Serving Prasadam at temples, Jamoon & one/two bite sweets, Good for chutney/pickles, sauce. Our Spoons made out of Palm Leaf pair wonderfully work with these palm leaf bowls. Small quantity Ice Cream to Kids is ideal. Our Products are used by hotels, clubhouses, caterers, and chefs around the world. • 3.5" in diameter • Chemical-free / Non-toxic • Holds 100 ml. • Biodegradable / Compostable • Microwave, oven, and refrigerator-safe • Quality conforms SGS tests for US FDA & ISO. • Made in our factories. Please email for pricing. Solicit Dealers/Distributors for bulk supply.
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